Monday, October 19, 2009

Random Wish Trip pictures

Olivia watching the "fairy" take her star away to put on the ceiling.

The girls on our last night in their Ariel dresses.

Kenton playing with his "friend" in the mirror.


Hugging Pooh

Tired at the end of the day!

Isaac and Kenton

Mama and her girls at the "Twinkle La Ti Da Spa"

Isaac getting his"tattoo"

Olivia getting her "makeup" on.

Justin and Logan getting their "tattoos"

Meeting Goofy. Notice how long Olivia's hair is getting?

Logan with glasses he won.

Some kids were tired on the trip home in the RV.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

We're Home!

We are back home and exhausted. Olivia had such a wonderful time. We have so much to share. Sorry I couldn't update on the road. They only had WIFI in the lobby and I never made it up there. I'll be working on some posts. Here are some pics to start with:

Tired after a day at Disney

Meeting Mary Poppins

Hugging her dog from her arrival presents.