Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Devasting results of a metabolic stroke...

This is Olivia during her metabolic stroke. She had two days of vomiting which is why we had to place the NG tube for meds to go down. She is also hooked up to IV and a cont. EEG. She woke up to discover that she could not move her right side at all. She was terrified and screamed and cried. We took her home with right-sided weakness, but she was regaining feeling. She was also in terrible pain as her right side had feeling return to it until we got her on medicine for nerve pain. Can you imagine the pins and needles feeling of a whole side of your body numb?

Late February 2008.

This is a few days after returning home from the hospital. You can see in the following two pictures how her right eye is barely open. She is right handed so she had to eat with her left hand for a few weeks. She still has some right-sided weakness.

Post stroke.

See her right eye is still weak.

This is Olivia at her 6th birthday party just three weeks after returning home from her stroke. Her recovery has been amazing and she is pretty much back to her baseline, the problem is that we can't predict when/if another stoke will strike and there are no meds for it or cure.

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