Thursday, March 19, 2009

Olivia's Birthday History!

Olivia's birthday history starting from her 1st birthday at the bottom and going up to her current one. I haven't found the disk with her third birthday party yet. She had that party at a pizza place.  

 Olivia's 10th Birthday (Madeline) Party!

Olivia's 9th Birthday was just awful. She was in the hospital with seizures and on the ventilator.

 Olivia age 9

 Olivia's 8th Birthday!

Seventh Birthday:

Sixth birthday party had a daisy/flower theme:

Fifth birthday was a Dora theme of course!

Fourth Birthday picture with Great Grandma DeKraker:

Second Birthday

First Birthday! She had her own chocolate cake.

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mandie said...

i just wanted to introduce myself. my 18 month old son was just diagnosed with mitochondrial disease (he also has neurofibromatosis. it is also a genetic disorder). we are waiting for a muscle biopsy to determine what kind he has. i am just trying to reach out to people who have experience with this disease.
olivia is beautiful, by the way!