Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Enjoying Summer

Olivia has been doing a little bit better this week. We are taking her for her new helmet fitting this week and we just found out today that she is going to be getting "AFO's" or Ankle-foot orthoses to help strengthen her legs. We're so happy that she is getting them and hope they will help her. She is losing tone in her muscles and is finding it harder and harder to walk.

She has been complaining that her teeth hurt when drinking or eating cold items so I'm going to get her in to see the dentist. I suspect that chewing all of her hundreds of pills a month are breaking down the enamel on her teeth. Until we see what the dentist recommends, I purchased a mortar and pestle to grind her pills down to a powder and give them to her in a liquid. I also bought a toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

She is enjoying the summer and likes to swim in the little pool- especially when I let them put bubbles in it. She likes staying up later and watching Dora on DVD. What's funny is that she is MORE anxious about getting BACK to school and can't wait for it to start! She is looking forward to taking a "lunch box" this year instead of hot lunch.

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Anonymous said...

I'm excited that Olivia is looking forward to school - I must honestly say that I haven't even thought about it yet (I love sleeping in and enjoying the pool!) We'll be praying that the AFO's help strengthen the muscles and the visit to the dentist is helpful. Continue to enjoy the beautiful summer weather! Love, Mrs. Gruppen