Monday, August 16, 2010

Hospital update 8/16/10

Thank you to everyone for your prayers and well wishes for Olivia. Yesterday she began vomiting several times in a short period, she had right sided weakness and drooling. We had a feeling she might be having a metabolic stroke again. She could move all of her extremities but could not talk when I arrived at the ER with her.
By the time we were moved up to her room, she was doing pretty well. She had to have an IV dose of phenobarbital which made her breathing really rough during the night. A few times the whole team had to come in and we nearly had to put her on the ventilator to help her breathe. Luckily God was watching her and we made it through the night until some of the meds could wear off.  
Today she has been stable and they are doing a continuous EEG to see what kind of seizure activity is going on. Hopefully she will be released tomorrow. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers please because it really helps. Thanks. Kelly
PS here is more info on a metabolic stroke.

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