Sunday, February 15, 2009

Olivia's new brother.

Olivia has a new brother Kenton. She is so happy to hold him every day. Olivia's health remains fair at best. Some days she does really well and other days fairly poor. We are still hoping that she will adjust to all of the recent medication increases. She continues to complain of pain in her legs and headaches. We have a neurology appointment this week. She has also started to have trouble walking. She appears to walk very robotic and almost with stiff legs. Please continue to pray and think about Olivia daily!


Courtney Kay said...

congrats on the new little one... Olivia is in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

I love the picture & miss your smile at school. Please know that I am praying everyday & hope Miss Olivia can return to school very soon. Enjoy your little baby brother & be a big helper for Mom & Dad! Miss you, Mrs. Gruppen

Anonymous said...

i miss you hope you get better i will come and play with you some time when it is okay with your mom and dad.hope the cookies were good

cora sharp

Cora said...

Olivia, I so happy to see you at school this week...If you need any help ask me ok.....Cora Sharp ps I'm still praying for you!!!