Monday, February 2, 2009

Prayers needed for Olivia!

We are back in the hospital with Olivia. She went to see the neurologist today and they sent her right over to the hospital for a direct admit. We are not sure what is going on yet, but she is starting to show signs of having another stroke. She continues to complain of "Not being able to see" off and on for more than a week now. She is unable to tell us what she means by that; if it's blurry vision or if she cannot see at all.

We will keep you updated as we can. They are starting her EEG right now and they are going to be giving her phenobarbital as well to stop the seizures. We just pray that she does not have to go on the ventilator.

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Anonymous said...

Our prayers are with you all Kelly.
We feel so bad for Olivia and pray for her.
Love to you all
Love Aunt Pam and Uncle Mel