Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Changes for Olivia

Olivia has started first grade! She loves school and is doing really well. Her health has been great for the past two weeks with virtually no seizure activity! Praise God! We continue to pray that she will stay in good health for her trip to Disney that is coming up October 1st!

She is wearing her new helmet and her new leg braces. She loves the braces for her feet because they have flowers and butterflies on them. Her helmet has also protected her face from many forward falls already.

Olivia is doing really well in Math and is so excited that she gets to ride a bike at school every day! Thank you Miss Gallery! Olivia loves her new teacher Miss Cumming and of course her helper and good friend Mrs. Gruppen! We are so thankful that everyone at school is so kind and takes great care of Olivia.

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Courtney Kay said...

Olivia is stylin' I am so glad that her braces and helmet are helping her get around and keep her safe!