Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Follow Olivia's WISH!!

Tomorrow night we will pick up the RV and head out for Florida during the middle of the night while the kids are sleeping. Yesterday Olivia's box from Make A Wish arrived with all of our goodies in it. Olivia especially liked her Make A Wish Barbie! She wore her shirt to school today. Thank you to Erica who is our wish manager that coordinated the RV rental and all of the little details! We are so grateful. Don't forget to check in every day to see new pictures. We may not be able to update until Saturday night, unless we stop somewhere with WIFI before Give Kids the World.


zebe912 said...

Have a great trip Olivia!! (and family)

Anonymous said...

Greetings Eding family!
I am SO happy to hear Olivia is doing so well, God is so GREAT! I want to wish your family safe travels and pray that your trip to Walt Disney World is the best experience of your lives! Please know that I continue to pray for your family and especially for Olivia and her health! God's Blessings to you all!
Jamie Maatman

Kerry said...

What a STASH!!! Hurray, Olivia! Have fun in Disney World, everyone!

Anonymous said...

Olivia - we miss you at school (Decoda came up to me on Thursday and said "I miss Olivia"). I can't wait to see pictures of your smiling face in Florida! The weather home is miserable - cold & rainy! Enjoy the warm sunshine! I'm praying you have beautiful weather and great health every day of your trip! Love, Mrs. Gruppen